Nike Zoom Kobe V Protro5 20210807

Nike Zoom Kobe V Protro5

The original Nike Zoom Kobe V proto 5 upper is made of lightweight synthetic leather and mesh fwre dynamic fly line support system, which greatly reduces the weight of the shoe, but still maintains strong support. The forefoot adopts the latest lunarlite technology of the year, with lighter weight and softer foot feel, and the back foot is still zoom air for cushioning For the first time, the low top design provides more flexibility for the ankle. Product No. cd4991-300 ා 171904085

It’s very good to buy such good shoes at this price. I’m very satisfied with it. I’m very comfortable to wear it. The only drawback of Bangbang’s coming next time is that the logistics is slower. I can understand that the customer service is also very good

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