Nike Air Huarache Ultra 20210723

It’s very comfortable to wear. I’d like to buy a bigger one. Usually wear size 42, 42.5 is just right. I always wanted to buy it before. I placed an order immediately when there was a discount

It’s not bad. The 38.5 foot of air force No.1 is a 39 foot with 245 cm. My instep is slightly higher. I heard the seller’s purchase of 40. It’s really suitable. I haven’t tried the 39, but the top of the 40 is not tight at all. It’s easy to wear. The toe is slightly free, and it’s not big at all. So it’s very comfortable, breathable and good-looking. I think 39 may also be able to wear, but certainly not as comfortable as 40, the ankle must be tight, all the feet like me recommend to buy 40 ha. satisfied.

Nike Air Huarache Ultra

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