Air Jordan 1 20210108

The recommended size is 35.5 foot. The 36 of this pair is too low. The left foot still has some pain. I don’t know whether it is genuine or not. But I like the shoes very much. The imitation should not be able to imitate this texture. The soles are light and comfortable to wear. Style I have short legs, but I like AJ, so I buy low-end, versatile, like to buy, after all, the price is appropriate, hee hee

The first time I bought shoes on Taobao, the logistics speed of shoes was very high, and the shoes of immortals were extremely high, just like the picture of Yimao, which was what I wanted to look like. It feels authentic from the workmanship. It doesn’t matter if it hasn’t been tested. Meimeida fried chicken looks good, usually 35.5 I wear children’s 36 is just right, I feel a little narrower than adults, Jian wide little sister suggested the best half size Oh, share my experience

Air Jordan 1

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