Air Jordan 1 Mid SE WMNS 20201216

Air Jordan 1 Mid SE WMNS

The pure original air jordan 1 Mid se WMNs structural reflection shoes take the white upper as the base, and the black coating outlines the upper contour. At first glance, it is quite a style of two-dimensional manuscript modeling. However, this pair of shoes is far more than the surface, and there are hidden secrets under the upper. All the structural boundaries are holographic reflective materials, which can present a very dazzling contour effect in the dark. Size 35.5-39 Article No. ck6587-100 picture code: 082700560

I finally got a good basketball shoe. Anta’s brand is trustworthy. After wearing the shoes, I feel that the grip of the shoes is very strong and the wear resistance is quite good. You can wear them in spring, summer and autumn. It’s worth buying.

Air Jordan 1 Mid SE WMNS

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