Nike Ambassador 8 20201128

It’s absolutely wrapped! I fought twice in the paint field. The sole of the shoes almost had no wear and tear. I felt very durable. Sometimes I would wear them on the road during the day. It’s great! It’s just that the heel at the bottom of the right foot is a little bit worn. If you wear a size 40, you’ll buy a 40. I doubt if it’s small. Later, I went to the physical store to try the size of the larger part, or grind the foot. The feeling of the foot is still 40. Maybe all the new shoes are like this Maybe my heel bone is not symmetrical. The foot surface is relatively flat, the zipper still sometimes fits the right foot absolutely. If the sole is thick, you can buy half a size or 1 size. On the whole, this group purchase is super good! What about the store 999!

Some overflow rubber right foot air cushion step down, there is a hard thing feeling, like stepping on the ground there is a stone convex feeling, through can not how, soft is very soft

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