adidas J Wall 2 20201128

The shoes took a few days to evaluate. The seller delivered the goods quickly. First talk about the feeling of several actual combat. 1. The package is regular, and the heel will not be loose. The top lace hole will fit better, but the laces are a little short. 2. The cushioning is general. Those who pursue the feeling of the foot can be ignored. The insole is relatively thin. I’ve bought the zero insole and I’m ready to change it. I’ll tell you what the effect is. The forefoot has a strong sense of field, and the back can feel the cushioning. The startup is still good, and it won’t be sloppy. 3. Wear resistant because only played a few games, this is not easy to say, although the wear does not play now, but the texture wear resistance should be considered medium. In conclusion, this pair of jwall2 is suitable for speed type and breakthrough loving guards, with heel heel, strong field sense in forefoot, and no muddle in breakthrough. If you have an ankle injury, you’d better take a det

It’s very comfortable to wear. I’ve had a fight. It’s breathable and has good grip. I’m playing on the indoor floor. I don’t know how to wear-resisting and gripping on the outfield. There is a slight overflow.

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