Nike Classic Cortez 20201120

This pair of white shoes in Nike Forrest Gump is very beautiful. It is the new style and classic style of this year. Now young people wear white shoes, which proves that Nike designers are also adapting to this fashion. Although the leather of shoes is made of artificial leather, they feel more comfortable. In the past, traditional thinking thinks that customers who are smaller than half size of Forrest Gump shoes should pay attention to it, unless you have wide soles, you should choose the majority Size, but the shoes will shake before and after. If you wear new shoes like this, you should pay attention to them, because sports shoes will grow larger after a period of time. If your feet are long and thin, you’d better buy the original size, because this kind of shoes is comfortable and suitable for all seasons. At the beginning, I was afraid of wearing too many shoes, so I bought them. However, the customer service was very enthusiastic. During the new year’s festival, the goods were e

I’ve been interested in this kind of shoes for a long time. I finally got into the shoes. I usually wear 39. I bought 40. My left foot is about a size larger than that of my right foot. The shoes are still pretty good-looking and comfortable to wear. There is a little bulge on the left shoelace, but it doesn’t affect the side. It’s better to wear on the side than the front. After knowing that it’s a genuine product, please don’t worry about buying it

Nike Classic Cortez

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