Nike Kyrie 4 20201114

Size: smaller than half size, suitable for crowd: breakthrough and flexible players, extremely cost-effective, wear-resistant enough, good wrapping, air permeability, don’t even think about, want to buy direct start

Customer service is warm and detailed, shoes are beautiful, express delivery is awesome. It’s a great guard shoe. Comfortable interior, durable sole and anti eversion grip. Wear it, you are the brightest star on the court, passing ability value 50 points.

The shoes have been received. The quality is very good. The workmanship is also very fine. The color is the same as the picture. There is no color difference. The size of the shoes fits well. Although the shoes are new, there is no pungent smell. It’s very good. The shoes feel very good. It’s great! Favorable comments

Nike Kyrie 4

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