Air Jordan 6 Rings 20201013

Patent leather is very cool. The upper design of air jordan 11 and the sole design of air jordan 13 have a great sense of wrapping, and the stability is also online. It should be good to carry and twist, and the actual combat performance should be good

Shunfeng express is really fast. Today I received the shoes and tried them on. They are not bad. They are tight inside. They may be soft after two days. If you are fat, you should buy one size bigger!!

No, shoes are my favorite type, and the price will not be exorbitant. It’s just that there are small defects in the shoe box, and then the thread ends on the inside of the tongue. It’s suggested to take a half size according to the normal size. If you just put on the shoes, you can squeeze your feet slightly and the laces will be loose. It’s also a great shopping experience

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