Air Jordan 3 20200914

Yes. Really Jordan’s shoe size is still small. Unfortunately, there is no 40.5. But it can also be worn. Seller logistics is awesome. Like one.

I’ve been wearing it for three days. I thought it would be small, but I didn’t expect to wear it more comfortable than aj1. I just feel a little bit distressed about the sole. It’s so beautiful, but it’s dirty

Carrhat Bape Vintage Handmade AJ3 9-11

Did you finally get it We took the pre-sale before the double 11, and received it after the double 12. When you know that the real blue is going to be issued, you want to buy a pair. As soon as there is a pre-sale, you have to rush to start. Unexpectedly, the quantity of goods is huge. There are 1370 shoes in stock before you receive them. The shoes are so cool and the upper feet are great!

Air Jordan 3Air Jordan 3Air Jordan 3Air Jordan 3

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